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Thursday, August 23, 2012


I should really rename this blog "My Recent Purchases" because I think I just end up buying everything I review.  The purchase of the day today was SachaJuan Straight and Shine Spray.  My hair is really, really curly so at the end of the day I think that my pin straight hair is due more to the $200 flat iron I abuse my hair with than the $20 I spent on straightening spray.  Because I enjoy abusing my hair in multiple ways (bleach, chlorine, sun, over washing, heat, etc) I'm freaked out about burning it all off and having to wear a wig or something.  Realistically I know that the chances of this actually happening are slim, but the chances of me damaging my hair and making it less shiny and healthy aren't so slim.  Whenever I straighten my hair or use heat, I like to use a protective coating on it to prevent damage.  I feel like I've tried a lot of products, but they've always had some sort of defect.  I don't like products with hold because they make it too difficult to straighten the curl out; I don't like products that you have to put in wet hair because how am I supposed to know if I'm going to want to straighten my hair in the morning?; I don't like anything sticky; I don't like anything with a weird smell; I don't want my hair to look like it's still wet; I don't like anything that weighs my hair down too much; and, most importantly, too many dance recital, piano recital and formal events as a child of the 90s (and a mother who thinks that one needs to put almost as much product and as many bobby pins as a synchronized swimmer) has instilled a healthy fear in me of brushing out over-hair sprayed, crunchy hair.

When I tried Straight and Shine Spray, I thought that I hadn't put enough on (see above sentence), but after I decided to shellac my head, I realized that the spray is just really light.  You serious barely notice it's there except for the fact that your hair is SO SHINY.  Now I know what you're thinking, I don't want my hair to look like it's still wet, but it doesn't.  You know when you see someone with black hair go out in the sunshine and their hair almost sparkles?  That's what it looks like!  Honestly, the Straight and Shine Spray is something that I kind of want to spray on my hair everyday because it makes it look so shiny and super healthy.  Well I'm off to go buy - er, I mean, review, yes review, some more products.

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