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Thursday, August 9, 2012


I can still remember one time in Junior High a cheerleader gave her boyfriend at the time a hug and her foundation smudged on his white shirt.  Horrified, he looked down at her and said, "Your mask wiped off on my shirt."  At 12 I wasn't allowed to wear face makeup, but the image of liquid foundation being a mask stuck with me well into college.  Even though it's actually foundation, I preferred mineral powder foundations to tinted moisturizer because I thought they let more of my skin show through, making me look more authentic and less like I was, in fact, wearing a mask.  In college I started experimenting with tinted moisturizer and even some liquid foundation.  I wasn't worried about my makeup wiping off so much as looking like a mask on my skin.  I started experimenting with different "masks" in college, and all of them looked harsh or strange on my skin.  I am quite pale, but I have yellow undertones in my skin that make me look as though I should tan better than I do.  Because my pale skin isn't the pale pink that most light skin is, I've had trouble matching it.  I also wanted my makeup to hide blemishes, but leave the few freckles I have on my face.  Most of all, I wanted my makeup to let my skin show through.  As one of the makeup artists for Ellis Faas later summed up perfectly, "I want people to tell me I have beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips and a beautiful face; I don't want people to say, 'you are wearing beautiful makeup.'"  And . . . drum roll please . . . I don't want to touch it up all day because realistically, I'm not going to. 

The first liquid foundation I've truly liked is aptly named "Skin Veil."  Ellis Faas refuses to call it a foundation because she wants it to look like a more beautiful version of your skin.  For me, that's what makeup, particularly face makeup (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc), is all about.  I want a natural look on my skin, even if I'm rocking a crazy, purple, smoky cat eye with serious Ke$ha glitter and fire-engine red lips.  I also definitely want subtle face makeup for everyday and occasions like job interviews.  The nice thing about Skin Veil is that it does look like your skin.  It covers up blemishes and can be applied very lightly over freckles without looking splotchy and makeup-y.  Having suffered from acne as a teenager I feel uncomfortable when people stare at my skin.  The first time a woman walked up to me and said, "You have beautiful skin," I thought of the Ellis Faas makeup artist's words, and I knew Skin Veil was the best liquid foundation I would ever find.  While old habits die hard and I don't wear liquid foundation every day, Skin Veil is my go to for dates, job interviews and whenever I want to look my best.

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