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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I graduated college in June, moved out of my college apartment in July, moved home in August and turned twenty-two yesterday.  Twenty-two is tough because you're supposed to act like a serious adult (get a "real job" that will lead to a "rewarding career", save up to buy a condo, have a serious relationship, think about kids) but also be a kid (have fun with your friends, go on vacation, play the slots in Vegas).  I've read books and seen images that capture this period, but the scent I've found that best captures this time in my life is Romantina. 

Honestly, it's easy to find a good scent.  At a certain point everything just kind of smells like flowers, right?  I'm big on wearing a new scent everyday, but I think Romantina is perfect for everyday.  The Juliet Has a Gun website describes it as, "an ode to insouciance," and I think that's exactly what I want right now.  For me, twenty-two isn't about focusing on not having a permanent career, serious relationship or house.  Twenty-two is about the freedom of not having a set schedule, boyfriend to check in with or mortgage to pay. 

Romantina is musty and mysterious, but also has familiar elements of orange blossom and vanilla.  It's light and playful enough to wear everyday, but it has the presence and beauty to be taken seriously.  Romantina captures the best parts about the early twenties.

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