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Friday, October 19, 2012

Present Guide for Candles

Heavily Scented Candle
Candles are always a popular gift.  The current shop favorite is Nest's Blue Garden.  We almost sold through our entire site just by leaving the candle burning in Battalions of Beauty.  The scent is light and floral, but the candle is heavily scented so you can actually smell it.  I've talked to several different customers in the past few weeks who have been searching for a candle that isn't just for decoration, and this is it.  Best of all, proceeds from the sale of Blue Garden candles are donated to Autism Speaks.

Most Elegant Candle
Baccarat designer Mathias Paris created a beautiful line of candles in some seriously elegant glass.  The container is venetian-style, hand-blown glass.  The fragrances range from hookah to freesia and are all beautiful and light enough to burn almost anywhere.  Best of all, when the candle is done, you have a beautiful glass to burn another candle in or just display.

Best Present Candle for Mom
If you're struggling for a gift for your mother, aunt or even grandmother, your safest bet is probably Lollia.  With popular shapes like feathers and diamonds and soft colors like teal and lavander, the packaging is traditionally beautiful without being overly proper or stale. 

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