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Friday, June 8, 2012

Perfume Leather Jacket

At first glance it's pretty difficult to believe that the packaging above from CoSTUME NATIONAL comes from a company with a website like this.  The clean, black bottle with the sans-serif font looks pretty fancy (dare I say corporate?) at first, but after you smell the inside, you realize that it's no flair, stripped-down, every-great-think-about-punk-rock-in-a-bottle.  Stronger than almost any other perfume I've tried (barring the overly floral ones that make me smell suspiciously like my grandmother), CoSTUME NATIONAL SCENT INTENSE really deserves its CAPS LOCK lettering and claim to being "a punk rock no-holds-barred amber and woods beast".  I put it on.  It smelled great.  It lasted all day.  It's my new leather jacket of perfumes.

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